Lisa Woodworth and Sheba
Testimonials - Gordon

One of the best decisions I've ever made was to contact Lisa Woodworth of Temple Aviaries about an Eclectus. From thefirst moment I spoke to Lisa she was so friendly and informative, I knew her babies would be special. Gordon is the name of my Solomon Island Eclectus. He is the best! Gordon is calm and gentile, sometimes goofy but always loveable. Gordon loves to spend time with HIS people and even has a special Pomegranate ritual with my fiancée, where he feeds him Pomegranate seeds one by one as he perches on his shoulder.

Gordon is a true testiment to what a great job Lisa does raising the babies. Day or night whenever you have a question, you can always call Lisa. She always has time for you and welcomes new pictures and updates. She loves to keep in touch with all the families and I know with Temple Aviaries you get a great, healthy, happy baby and someone whom I consider a wonderful friend.

— Daphne

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